• Training Level One
  • Training Level Two
  • Training Level Three
  • Training Level Four

  • Level Three:

    Level Three GeoFluv training takes the student through actual project construction:. As the Level Three GeoFluv Training/Coaching takes the user's GeoFluv design into the field and constructs it to the design, it can include training/coaching for foremen and equipment operators also. The time required to attain Level Three depends on the client's project needs, and the level is attained with successful construction of the project design.

    Level Three training is appropriate for those who intend to construct GeoFluv designs and for those, like regulatory staff, who want to learn how to inspect GeoFluv landform designs for meeting design criteria and specifications that will support erosion resistance and long-term sustainable land use.

    (In addition, GeoFluv can also arrange for equipment operators skilled in GeoFluv construction to train your operators.)

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