• Landscape design
  • Dragline coal mine reclamation
  • Truck and shovel coal mine reclamation
  • Abandoned coal mine reclamation
  • Civil road side drainage correction
  • Hard rock quarry reclamation

  • Abandoned Coal Mining Project

    The Log Creek Church AML Sites 900 & 2040 were put out to bid as both traditional and GeoFluv designs made using Natural Regrade. Two of the three bids were lower for the GeoFluv designs, by 10 percent on average. The site was constructed using survey and stake-out and was distinguished by the Department of the Interior as "The Mid Continent Regional Award" in October 2008 at the National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs national meeting.

    Over one hundred years of surface mining left dangerous near vertical high walls and a devastated landscape within yards of a mid-eighteenth century church and a heavily travelled county road. Acid mine drainage from exposed sites was extensive and complicated by the use of coal and coal waste to construct haul roads.

    At Log Creek Church, over 70 acres of acid producing waste has been sequestered, forested wetlands are established and, using geomorphic modeling, sustainable stream channels and drainage areas are in place, while four thousand feet of highwall have been replaced with natural slopes.

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