The fundamental concepts of the GeoFluv™ approach to stable landform design are taken from the study of the development of landforms over time, from youthful, actively eroding landforms to mature, 'stable' landforms. The approach has critical input factors that measurements integrate the effects of local variation in climate, earth materials, and vegetation that define local landform stability against erosion. By collecting empirical measurements from stable landforms in the area of interest and using these as inputs to the design, the designer can have a high degree of certainty that the GeoFluv™ landform design will perform similarly to the stable, natural landform.

The GeoFluv™ landform design method has proven to provide landform designs that are stable against erosion in what is arguably the most erosive area in North America, just east of the Grand Canyon. It has proven to compress design time, allow more cost-effective construction, and better address land use criteria than traditional methods.

Modern land development methods used in mining, construction, agriculture, etc. can drastically change landforms in the project area. Traditional reclamation grading methods often do not address all the criteria that must be met for the desired post-development land use. Water quality standards, in-stream uses, vegetation diversity and other reclamation criteria may not be satisfied by traditional reclamation grading methods. Inability to meet or mitigate for these changes caused by the proposed reclamation landform can even stop land development activity from proceeding. A new, natural approach to landform grading called GeoFluv™ offers a cost-effective alternative than can satisfy the reclamation criteria.

The GeoFluv™ design approach can offer: greater stability against erosion, greater opportunities for plant and animal diversity, lower construction and maintenance costs, and promotion of successful bond release, as compared to traditional reclamation landform design methods.

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